Abbreviated Math Anxiety Scale AMAS


Scale name: Abbreviated Math Anxiety Scale AMAS

Scale overview: The Abbreviated Math Anxiety Scale (AMAS) is a 9-item measure of anxiety related to mathematics.

Authors: Hopko et al.

Response Type: The AMAS uses a 5-point Likert-type rating scale.

1 = Low anxiety

2 = Some anxiety

3 = Moderate anxiety

4 = Quite a bit of anxiety

5 = High anxiety

Sample items

Having to use the tables in the back of a math book.

Taking an examination in a math course.

Reliability: Internal consistent value (Cronbach’s Alpha) = .90 and 2-week test-retest = .85 (Hopko et al. 2003)

Validity: The Hopko et al. (2003) article reports strong convergent validity with other measures and the results of a factor analysis.


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Reference for the scale

Hopko, D. R., Mahadevan, R., Bare, R. L., & Hunt, M. K. (2003). The abbreviated math anxiety scale (AMAS) construction, validity, and reliability. Assessment, 10, 178-182.

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