Bisexual Identity Inventory (BII)


Scale name: Bisexual Identity Inventory (BII)

Scale overview: The Bisexual Identity Inventory measures dimensions of bisexual identity using 24-items rated on a 7-point scale.

Authors: Paul, Ron, Smith, Nathan Grant, Mohr, Jonathan J., & Ross, Lori E. (2014).

Response Type: 7-point Likert-type ratings from 1 = strongly disagree to 7 = strongly agree.

Subscales:  Four (coefficient alphas in parentheses from two samples)

Illegitimacy of Bisexual Identity (.80, .84)

Anticipated Binegativity (.78, .73)

Internalized Binegativity (.87, .84)

Identity Affirmation (.91, .93)

See Paul et al. (2014b) for factors and psychometrics.


Sample items

1. People probably do not take me seriously when I tell them I am bisexual.

24. I would be better off if I would identify as gay or straight, rather than bisexual

Reliability: Coefficient alphas range from .73 to .93 for the

Validity: All subscales except Identity Affirmation were significantly correlated with depression (Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale). Identity affirmation was significantly positively correlated with a measure of outness (Outness Inventory).

Availability: The full set of 24 items is in PsycTESTS – see reference below.

Permissions:Researchers may use this scale without contacting us to obtain permission. However, we ask that reports of findings using this scale be forwarded to Nathan Grant Smith.”



Paul, R., Smith, N. G., Mohr, J. J., & Ross, L. E. (2014a). Bisexual Identity Inventory. PsycTESTS.

Paul, Ron, Smith, Nathan Grant, Mohr, Jonathan J., & Ross, Lori E. (2014b). Measuring dimensions of bisexual identity: Initial development of the Bisexual Identity Inventory. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 1(4), 452-460. doi:


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