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Peace Evaluation Across Cultures and Environments (PEACE)


Assessment names: Peace Evaluation Across Cultures and Environments (PEACE)

Scale overview:  The PEACE scale is a five-point Likert-type scale consisting of seven subscales derived from 41 items.

The research team developed a working definition of peace: A feeling of calm and/or freedom from struggles within self and others in a non-violent environment where hope outweighs resignation.

 Response Type: The items are rated on a scale assessing the degree to which a statement is true about the participant: Not at all true, A little true, Moderately true, Quite a bit true, and Completely true.

Subscales: There are seven subscales each having six items except Basic Needs, which has five items. The seven subscales are organized according to two factors. The subscales are listed below along with Cronbach’s Alpha values.

   Psychological Factor

Emotional tone, 0.83

Agency,  0.72

Hope,  0.73

Tolerance,  0.65

   Social / Environmental Factor

Basic Needs,  0.69

Safety, 0.79

Group Cohesion, 0.76


Internal consistency values can be found next to the seven subscales reported above.

The test-retest value for two weeks between testing was 0.89 overall. Values for the subscales range from 0.78 to 0.90.


The authors reported the results of a factor analysis in their article. They found two groupings: Psychological and Social/environmental, presented above.


Author contact: Howard Zucker

Reference for the scale

Zucker, H., Ahn, R., Sinclair, S.J. et al. Development of a scale to measure individuals’ ratings of peace. Confl Health 8, 17 (2014).

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