Defense Mechanisms Rating Scales-Q-Sort


Assessment name:  Defense Mechanisms Rating Scales-Q-Sort

Scale overview: The Defense Mechanisms Rating Scales-Q-Sort version (DMRS-Q) is a measure of defensemechanisms designed for clinical use. The measure assesses nonpsychotic defenses according to a seven level hierarchy of adaptiveness. Clinicians can enter data into an online resource which will score and report the results.

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Authors: Di Giuseppe and Perry

Scale items: There are five items for each of 30 defense mechanisms for a total of 150 items. The items linked to the 30 defense mechanisms and levels are listed and described in Di Giuseppe, M., & Perry, J. C. (2021).


Psychometric data:

Interrater reliability values and criterion validity were reported in Di Giuseppe, M., & Perry, J. C. (2021).



See the DMRS-Q website at At the time of this writing, the web app was free to use. The web page includes a tutorial and additional information about the measures.

 Read more about the 7 Level Hierarchy of Defense Mechanisms.

Reference for the scale

Di Giuseppe, M., & Perry, J. C. (2021). The Hierarchy of Defense Mechanisms: Assessing Defensive Functioning With the Defense Mechanisms Rating Scales Q-Sort. Frontiers in psychology12, 718440.


Di Giuseppe, M., Perry, J. C., Petraglia, J., Janzen, J., & Lingiardi, V.(2014). Development of a Q-Sort version of the Defense Mechanism Rating Scales (DMRS-Q) for clinical use. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 70(5), 452–465.


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Defense Mechanisms Rating Scales-Self-Report-30 (DMRS-SR-30)



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