GENEROSITY-How to Measure Generosity

Giving on a large scale and in a socially responsible manner has been called philanthropy. For obvious reasons, people have studied philanthropy and philanthropists. The Philanthropy Scale is a measure of generosity.

Generous givers fund large scale projects like hospitals and disease research. Some give to establish schools and museums. There are many ways wealthy people use their resources to benefit others.

Fortunately, generosity is not restricted to the super wealthy. Everyday people give their time and talents to benefit local charities or support an organization known for helping people in need throughout the world.

Philanthropy is often studied along with gratitude and compassion.

The Philanthropy Scale is a 7-item Likert-type scale. Schuyt, Smit, and Bekkers developed the scale  and presented the results at a 2004 conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Each of the 7-items is rated as: 1 = disagree completely, 2 = Disagree, 3 = Neither Agree nor Disagree, 4 = Agree, 5 = agree completely.

Scoring: Reverse score the items 2,5, and 7 then add the scores.


1. We have to leave this world a better place for the next generation.

2. Each generation has to solve its own problems.

3. Society is in danger because people are less concerned about each
other nowadays.

4. The world needs responsible citizens.

5. The world community relies on international politics and
corporations, and that is a good thing.

6. I give money to charitable causes, no matter what the government

7. Charity and public benefit should be supported by the government,
and not by citizens and business corporations.

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Reference provided

Schuyt, T., Smit, J., Bekkers, R. (2004). Constructing a philanthropy scale: Social
responsibility and philanthropy. Paper presented at the 33d ARNOVAconference,
Los Angeles, November 2004.

Link to the scale and article abstracts:

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