Values in Action VIA Character Strengths


Assessment name:  

     Values in Action – Inventory of Strengths – Revised (VIA-IS-R)

Scale overview: The Values in Action – Inventory of Strengths – Revised (VIA-IS-R) is a 192-item self-report inventory of 24 character strengths associated with one of 6 virtues.

The VIA-IS-R is a revision of the earlier VIA based on the theory developed by Peterson and Seligman (2004). As a measure that increases self-awareness using questions to identify thinking, feeling, and behavior, the VIA measures the central core Self of the SCOPES model along with common psychological functioning of Cognition, Emotion, and Observable behavior patterns albeit, the instrument relies on self-report.

Authors: Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson (2004)

Robert McGrath wrote the technical manual for the revised edition (2019).


Response Type: Items are rated on a 7-point scale of agreement from Very Strongly Disagree to Very Strongly Agree.

Scales and items

There are 24 character strengths. The strengths are linked to 6 virtues.


Psychometric properties

The technical report provides reliability values based on large scale samples. The values range above .76. The report also includes validity data. Many other analyses are available in the research literature. Readers should be aware of which version has been used because there is the revised version along with shorter versions.



The VIA-IS-R is available online. The measure is free and available to the public and researchers ( ).

The VIA is available in 40 translations. There are shorter versions and versions for children and youth. See the VIA website for explanations of the different versions.

References for the scale

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Other notes

Peter Hill and his colleagues (2023) have shown how VIA virtues and the associated character strengths may be associated with one or more of 200 measures of religiosity and spirituality.

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