Attitudes Toward Abortion Scale


Scale name: Attitudes Toward Abortion Scale

Scale overview: The Attitudes Toward Abortion Scale is a 12-item, four-choice agreement rating scale.

Authors: Michael Taylor and George Whitehead

Response Type: Items are rated on a scale of agreement: strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree.

Subscales = 2 with sample item


1. Abortion is not acceptable under any circumstances.

External Influence

10. Abortions should be partially covered by insurance companies.


Reliability: Cronbach’s alpha = .92 in the scale development sample.

Validity: The scale was significantly correlated with the Hess & Rueb abortion scale and the James religiosity scale. The results of a factor analysis yielded two factors.



The scale is available online in the article at

Reference for the scale

Taylor, M. G. and Whitehead, G. I. (2014) "The measurement of attitudes toward abortion," Modern Psychological Studies, 20,1.


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