HEXACO Personality Inventory-Revised (HEXACO-PI-R)


The HEXACO is a six-domain measure of personality available in 60-item and 100-item versions. The scale has been translated into many languages. These scales are available on the HEXACO website.

The letters in HEXACO represent the names of the six domains. The domains are referred to as scales and are listed below. I will add a few descriptive words for each scale and provide the link below where you can obtain more details.

In addition to the scales for the six domains, each domain has subscales referred to as facet-level scales. I have simply used the word subscales for these facets.

 HEXACO authors: Kibeom Lee and Michael C. Ashton


Honesty-Humility: temptation to break or follow rules, motivations for personal gain, self-importance.

Subscales: Sincerity, Fairness, Greed Avoidance, Modesty

Emotionality: fear, worry, anxiety, emotional support

Subscales: Fearfulness, Anxiety, Dependence, Sentimentality

eXtraversion: interest/ comfort in social interactions; confidence in social settings

Subscales: Social Self-Esteem, Social Boldness, Sociability, Liveliness

Agreeableness (versus anger): willingness to compromise, cooperate; ability to manage temper; capacity for forgiveness

Forgivingness, Gentleness, Flexibility, Patience

Conscientiousness: concern for organization; disciplined pursuit of goals, concern for accuracy and perfection

Subscales: Organization, Diligence, Perfectionism, Prudence

Openness to Experience: inquisitive, creative, interested in new ideas

Subscales: Aesthetic Appreciation, Inquisitiveness, Creativity, Unconventionality


Interstitial Scales

The authors added two scales that measure specific trait patterns

Altruism versus Antagonism

Negative Self-Evaluation

Psychometric properties

Many articles present the factor structure and information related to reliability and validity. See the references below for psychometric properties.

Additional notes on HEXACO

Given the “H” (honesty-humility) domain, it is not surprising to learn of a moderate relationship with spirituality (Aghababaei et al., 2014). Ferrari and his team (2017) explored relationships between the 60-item HEXACO and measures of spirituality (Religious Commitment Inventory(RCI), Worthington et al., 2003; Spiritual Transcendence Inventory (TCI), Piedmont, 1999) in a Catholic sample of deacons and candidates for deacon. Honesty-humility and Extraversion significantly predicted both the Intrapersonal and the Interpersonal subscales of the RCI. HEXACO scales significantly predicted subscales of the TCI for the candidate sample. Agreeableness significantly predicted the belief/prayer subscale and extraversion and openness to experience significantly predicted connectedness. More HEXACO scales were predictive for the deacon sample. Four scales predicted intrapersonal and interpersonal subscales of the RCI: honesty-humility, extraversion, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Agreeableness was only predictive of the Intrapersonal subscale. Four HEXACO scales predicted both belief/prayer and belief/connectedness subscales of the TCI: Honesty-humility, extraversion, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Agreeableness predicted belief/prayer and emotionality predicted belief/connectedness.

Where to find the HEXACO

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SCOPES domain = O / Observable behavior patterns/personality

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Lee, K., & Ashton, M. C. (2018).  Psychometric properties of the HEXACO-100.  Assessment25, 543-556.


Advances in HEXACO Personality Research

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