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Self-Control- Single Item Scale


Assessment name:  Single-Item Measure of Self-Control

Scale overview:  The single-item self-control scale uses an 11-point scale to quantify a person’s perception of their self-control.


Authors: Wanja Wolff and others


Response Type: Item was answered on an 11-point quantitative scale (1 = none at all, 11 = very much).

Scale item: How much self-control do you have?


Psychometric properties

The self-control item mean = 8.16 with SD = 2.13. There was a strong positive correlation with the Brief Self-Control Scale ( r = .715) and a moderate inverse relationship with Short Boredom Proneness Scale (-0.397).


The self-control single item measure is included in the Wolff et al. (2022) article.

Reference for the scale

Wolff, W., Bieleke, M., Englert, C., Bertrams, A., Schüler, J., & Martarelli, C. S. (2022). A Single Item Measure of Self-Control – Validation and Location in a Nomological Network of Self-Control, Boredom, and If-Then Planning. Social Psychological Bulletin17, 1-22.


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