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College Student Stress Scale CSSS


Scale name: College Student Stress Scale

Scale overview: The College Student Stress Scale is an 11-item self-report assessment of college students’ response to items about distress, feeling anxious, or questioning their ability.


Response Type: Items are rated on a scale of frequency of occurrence from 1 = Never  to 5 = Very Often.

Scale instructions and items

For the following items, report how often each has occurred this semester using the following scale





Very Often







Examples (See the reference for the wording of the 11 items.)

Item 1. asks about personal relationships

Item 2. asks about family


Reliability: Cronbach’s alpha = .87 in a sample of 185 college students (Feldt & Koch, 2011)

Validity: Findings from a follow-up study revealed strong convergent validity with the Perceived Stress Scale (r = .80).  The authors also reported “Zero-order coefficients of correlation indicated that the CSSS total score is significantly correlated with neuroticism (large effect size) and also test anxiety and self-efficacy for learning and performance (both medium effect size)” (Feldt & Koch, 2011)



The full text of the scale is available on PsycTESTS


Test content may be reproduced and used for non-commercial research and educational purposes without seeking written permission. Distribution must be controlled, meaning only to the participants engaged in the research or enrolled in the educational activity. Any other type of reproduction or distribution of test content is not authorized without written permission from the author and publisher. Always include a credit line that contains the source citation and copyright owner when writing about or using any test.


References for the scale

Feldt, R. C. (2008). College Student Stress Scale [Database record]. Retrieved from PsycTESTS. doi:

Feldt, R. C., & Koch, C. (2011). Reliability and Construct Validity of the College Student Stress Scale. Psychological Reports108(2), 660–666.


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