Presenting Data & Different Olympic Winners Stats

 Congratulations to Team USA for an outstanding performance at Tokyo 2020 in 2021

I enjoy sports. I used to follow player stats as a boy and kept track of my own even though I wasn't much of an athlete.

The Olympic medals offer an opportunity to see how different presentations of data make a difference. You could even offer more perspectives if you consider many other countries than the top winners. 

ALL MEDALS: The USA easily wins overall. Great Britain beats Japan.


GOLD:  Team USA just edges China. Japan beats Great Britain in Gold.

POPULATION:  Team GB wins among the top 4. The odds of having top athletes increase with population size. China's population is huge compared to most nations so they don't do so well. You can find countries with smaller populations who did extremely well like Australia.

There are of course other factors to consider. Perhaps you thought of some?


Importance of Sport.

The unique problems of COVID-19 infections of some players.

The penalty against Russia whose athletes so well.

Note: The percentage was calculated by dividing the number of medals by the population in millions and rounding.

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