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Forgiveness Likelihood Scale (FLS)


Scale name: Forgiveness Likelihood Scale (FLS)

Scales overview: 

The Forgiveness Likelihood Scale (FLS) is a scenario-based 10-item scale. Respondents read the scenarios and decide how likely they would be to forgive the offender using a 5-point rating scale.

Authors: Mark S. Rye et al. 2001

Response Type: A 5-point Likert-type response rating that ranges from 1 = Not at all likely to 5 = Extremely likely.

Subscales: None

Sample items:

“One of your friends starts a nasty rumor about you that is not true. As a result, people begin treating you worse than they have in the past. What is the likelihood that you would choose to forgive your friend?”

 “Your significant other has a ‘one night stand’ and becomes sexually involved with someone else. What is the likelihood that you would choose to forgive your significant other?”

 Reliability The authors used factor analysis and report the results in their article.

Cronbach’s alpha was .85.

Test-retest reliability was .81.

Read about test reliability.

Validity: The FLS was significantly positively correlated with the following measures:

Forgiveness Scales AN and PP

Enright Forgiveness Inventory

A single item rating of forgiveness

     A t-test revealed no gender differences. (Read about t-tests.)

 Read about test validity

Availability: The scale can be found on pages 276-277 of the 2001 article in Current Psychology.

Permissions -- if identified

 Test Reference

Rye, M. S., Loiacono, D. M., Folck, C. D., Olszewski, B. T., Heim, T. A., & Madia, B. P. (2001). Evaluation of the psychometric properties of two forgiveness scales. Current Psychology: A Journal for Diverse Perspectives on Diverse Psychological Issues, 20(3), 260–277.

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