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Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale (REIS)


Scale name: Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale (REIS)

Scales overview: The Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale (REIS) is a 28-item measure of emotional intelligence having four subscales.

Authors: Pekaar, Keri A., Bakker, Arnold B., van der Linden, Dimitri, & Born, Marise Ph.

Response Type: All items are rated on a 5-point Likert type scale ranging from 1 (totally disagree to 5 (totally agree).

Subscales = 4

  Following are the four subscales with a sample item.

Self-focused emotion appraisal(1. I always know how I feel.)

Other-focused emotion appraisal (8. I am aware of the emotions of the people around me.)

Self-focused emotion regulation (15. I am in control of my own emotions.)

Other-focused emotion regulation (22. I can make someone else feel differently.)


Reliability and Validity

“The results indicate that the REIS follows a four-factorial structure and can be reliably measured with 28 items. The REIS was strongly correlated with other self-reported EI instruments and weakly to moderately correlated with an ability EI test, cognitive intelligence, and personality.” (Pekar  et al., Abstract).


The full list of 28-items is available on page 2 of the PsycTESTS document.

Permissions -- if identified

According to PsycTESTS:

 Test content may be reproduced and used for non-commercial research and educational purposes without seeking written permission. Distribution must be controlled, meaning only to the participants engaged in the research or enrolled in the educational activity. Any other type of reproduction or distribution of test content is not authorized without written permission from the author and publisher. Always include a credit line that contains the source citation and copyright owner when writing about or using any test.



PsycTESTS Reference

Pekaar, K. A., Bakker, A. B., van der Linden, D., & Born, M. P.. (2018). Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale [Database record]. PsycTESTS. Retrieved from PsycTESTS. doi:

Article Reference

Pekaar, Keri A., Bakker, Arnold B., van der Linden, Dimitri, & Born, Marise Ph. (2018). Self- and other-focused emotional intelligence: Development and validation of the Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale (REIS). Personality and Individual Differences, 120, 222-233. doi:, © 2018 by Elsevier.

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