Covid19 U S Deaths Weekly Chart

Are we there yet? The most recent weekly data suggest a downward move in the number of people who died in the past week.

In the previous chart, there appeared to be a channel or range between 1800 and 2000 per day with some anomalies. Now that we have more data, it is possible to group the data.

I am avoiding curves and means because it is not clear that there is a curve or that the data are normally distributed. The bar chart offers a clear picture of rapid increase and possibly (and hopefully a decline.

In this chart, I used weekly totals beginning with March 7, 2020 (M = March, A = April).

Important note: The numbers may be revised. This chart is for educational purposes only and not for planning.

Here is my source for the data

Date               Deaths

M21 213
M28 1447
A4 5450
A11 11620
A18 18277
A25 13963

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