Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Creative charting of data

This creative time and data chart helps readers understand the details that explain why a broad concept does not always make sense.

Official government reports tell us price inflation is low, but our experience tells us so many things cost so much more like health insurance and medical expenses. And compared to retired folks, working people earn so much more than retirees used to earn for the same job. (See Marketwatch Story for the chart and related data).

I think this type of chart would be useful when dimensions of a metaconcept change over time. For example, the process from an offense to forgiveness has multiple dimensions of change like avoidance and thoughts of revenge. If multiple measures are taken at different time points, they may be plotted over months or years to demonstrate increases and decreases. In fact, the idea of the "cost" of forgiveness might be worthy of consideration. After all, the Christian concept of forgiveness is analogous to removing a person's debt incurred by a transgression.

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