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Burnout - Oldenburg Burnout Inventory OLBI

Scale name: Oldenburg Burnout Inventory OLBI Scale overview: The Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI) measures multiple aspects of worker burnout with 16 items addressing 1. Exhaustion (physical, cognitive, affective) and 2. Disengagement from work (negative attitudes).   Read more about burnout Authors: Demerouti et al. Response Type: 4-point Likert-type Strongly Agree = 1 Agree = 2 Disagree = 3 Strongly Disagree = 4   Subscales (with item numbers):     Exhaustion   (2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16)   Disengagement (1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15) Sample items   I always find new and interesting aspects in my work   I always find new and interesting aspects in my work Reliability Validity: Researchers have studied the factor structure in several samples. Availability An online version was available at this link The link above also included a full list of the 16 items. Note: Some ite

Faith Situations Questionnaire FSQ

  Scale name: Faith Situations Questionnaire FSQ Scale overview: Caregivers provide information about the presence and severity of 19 child behavior problems in faith situations. Scores may be compared to norms for children age 5-12. Authors: Hathaway, Douglas, & Grabowski Response Type: Raters answer each item as present or absent and if present, the item is rated on a 9-point scale where 9 = the highest severe rating. Sample items: Instructions: Does your child present any problems with compliance to instructions, commands, or rules for you in any of these situations? If so, please circle the word Yes and then circle a number beside that situation that describes how severe the problem is for you. If your child is not a problem in a situation, circle No and go on to the next situation on the form.                When saying prayers During a religious instruction class, such as Sunday school, catechism or Hebrew school Psychometrics : The FSQ sample was similar to

Family Stress Measure (Foster Parents)

  Scale name: Family Stress Measure   Scale overview The five questions on the Family Stress Scale were rated on a 5-point Likert scale ranging from never to very often .   Author(s) Geiger, J. M., Hayes, M. J., & Lietz, C. A. (2013) Items = 5   Response Type: Likert-type, 5-point   Sample item How often have you experienced any of the following events: 1. Severe difficulties with your foster child's biological family/parents?   Reliability/ Validity Not reported in PsycTESTS entry.   Availability The 5-items are listed in the PsycTESTS entry. Geiger, J. M., Hayes, M. J., & Lietz, C. A. (2013). Family Stress Measure [Database record]. Retrieved from PsycTESTS. doi:   Permissions -- if identified “Test content may be reproduced and used for non-commercial research and educational purposes without seeking written permission. Distribution must be controlled, meaning only to the participants engaged in t